Moving into TechFlow data Centres could not be easier.

With an aim to make it easy for our customers to move into one of our data Centres, save them time and cost and help them reduce risk we offer our rack and stack service in our data Centres at aggressive pricing.

Save your IT resources and avoid the hassle of traveling to our data Centre to rack and stack your IT infrastructure in the racks. Our professional staff can receive the delivery of your infrastructure, check it against the orders and rack and stack it equipment into your rack as per agreed design on industry best practice. Color coded structured cabling is off course part of our service. Our trained data Centre experts can also help you design the rack, mount your gear, perform cabling as per your requirement, verify high-availability configuration and power up your equipment.

Upon completion, detailed rack and cabling layout diagram is provided back to customer for recording purpose to simplify ongoing support.

  • Rack layout design and recommendations as per best practice
  • Accept delivery of goods in our data Centre
  • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
  • Assembly and rack mounting
  • Intra-cabinet cabling as agreed design (color coded cabling if required)
  • Documentation of layout and cable runs
  • Rubbish removal and full destruction of retired equipment