Key Benefits of Direct Connect

Connectivity Options to your Amazon VPC

* Direct Connect Establishment (1GBPS OR 10GBPS)

1Gbps and 10Gbps connections are delivered on dedicated AWS ports connected to an TechFlow managed WAN service or a network service of your choice. TechFlow can also provide colocation services from single rack units through to high density colocation (47ru x 15kW per rack). Private caged areas are also available upon availability within our Global Switch Sydney Data Centre.

* AWS Hosted Connections (50MBPS TO 500MBPS)

We offer a point to point connectivity from anywhere on the managed WAN platform into the AWS cloud. Services are scalable from 50Mbps up to 500Mbps with a single VLAN.

Way TechFlow For Direct Connect?

Flexible Service Uptake Options:

TechFlow’s AWS ready Colocation Services mean customer can easily consume secured data centre space in our facility with pre-established connectivity into AWS via a direct connect service. Typically, we see our customers wanting to host some of their workloads in dedicated hardware in colocation racks and/or prefer to have an additional layer of security by collocating their security appliance into our colocation racks as a bridge between the WAN network and their VPC with AWS.

Maximum Possible Uptime:

By being in a best in class Data Centre, reduce the risk of power, heat, cooling and security threats!

  • Impeccable track record of uptime
  • ISO27001 certified and secure rack and space options
  • 100% availability SLA

Infrastructure and cloud connectivity:

Access best value infrastructure, connectivity and access to cloud

  • Carrier neutral service with option to choose from 40+ Telcos for connectivity options
  • Access to all major vendor relationships to get the best price and procurement experience for your IT infrastructure

Commercial and operational flexibility:

Allow organisations to match budgets and investments

  • Usage based billing
  • Flexible month-to-month plan or multi-year commitments
  • Dedicated Sydney based service team with no red tape

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